Mangog is a doom metal band based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Formed by bassist Bert Hall Jr. (Revelation and Against Nature), Drummer Stephen Branagan (Revelation, Against Nature, and Yet So Far), Major Company's Bassist Darby Cox, and Final Answer's Vocalist Myke Wells.

After a year of Revelation and Against Nature being on hiatus, bassist Bert Hall Jr. (Now on guitar and vocals) assembled a lineup to form a dark alliance founded on the copious use of punishingly heavy riffs, odd ball time signatures (13/8 anyone ?) and dystopian lyrics, The band, now composed of Hall, Wells, Cox and former Iron Man drummer Mike Rix, entered the studio in March 2015 and recorded their debut EP titled "Daydreams Within Nightmares". One year later in 2016 the band completed its first full length CD "Mangog Awakens", and was signed to Argonauta records for a early 2017 release. 


Since the band's inception, it has benefited from the thunderous backbeat provided by a succession of percussionists starting with Mike Rix and continuing through Dao Yu and Russell Hayward III, who provided the engine for the band's music after the debut cd!