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March 30, 2018-Mangog announces spring show dates to include new music

Mangog will be performing on the following dates:

Sunday April 8- the Depot

@the Sunday Metal Matinee

with Byzntine, Iris Divine and Tzamani


May 10 -The Depot

with Monte Luna

Baltimore, MD

Friday May 25 -the Shamrock Inn

with Thousand Vision Mist, Mind's Eye and Kan of Worms


  Additional dates will be confirmed shortly.  See the Shows Page for full gig announcements and details.

February 20, 2018-New Lineup

prepares for Follow up to Debut



After recently completing a run of gigs that included the band’s 50th overall lifetime show, Maryland Doom masters MANGOG are currently hard at work at their rehearsal facility arranging, rehearsing and preparing to record a follow up to “Mangog Awakens” with the new lineup that debuted in September 2017. With close to an hour of new material, the band is preparing a monolithic slab of music that will make the debut cd sound like a warm up!

Mangog also started working on a new video, the group assembled on the first of three sets for the performance section of the clip. Additional filming is expected over the next several weeks concurrent with rehearsal of nearly a dozen new songs to be recorded for a follow up to “Mangog Awakens.”

The band, including vocalist Myke Wells, guitarist/vocalist Bert Hall, Jr., bassist Darby Cox will resume recording the disc with the group’s newest member Dao Yu on drums during early 2018.





October 10, 2017-Who was that masked man?


A lot of people have been asking about the identity of the masked individual who has been materializing right before showtime and playing drums. Allow me to introduce Dao Yu, who formerly played with Bert and Darby in Negro Childe and Bert in Legion Lost. Even we haven't figured out who that actually is! LOL

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