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Argonauta Records recording artists, Mangog are a Baltimore Maryland based doom metal band.  The band was formed in late 2014 by Bert Hall( Revelation, Against Nature, Righteous Bloom, Beelzefuzz) who recruited bassist Darby Cox, and vocalist Myke Wells.  The lineup solidified after Mangog recruiter drummer Russell Hayward III shortly before recording began on the group's second album "Economic Violence". 

Debuting at the prestigious Maryland Doom festival (the site of the band's 1st and 100th performances), Mangog are also known for performances at the Shockwave festival, the Tennessean Sludge fest, Sludgement Day, and Shadow Woods Music Festival and many venues in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York. 

At present, Mangog continues to perform and prepare material for their next release.


From HeavyPlanet.net

Hard-driving penetrating basslines, fuzz-drenched riffs, sizzling guitar leads and thunderous drumming set the tone for this hunk of Classic Doom Metal from Maryland band Mangog. Shit gets pretty crazy on the track "Suicide Donkey". Check out their latest release from 2021 "Economic Violence".



From "The Doom Charts" 


"With a headfirst descent into the darker recesses of traditional Doom, the album hearkens to the heralds of old ala Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass or Saint Vitus." Doom Charts

Mangog "Economic Violence" is available here:


"Ab Intra" from the "Mangog Awakens" CD


"Suicide Donkey" from the "Economic Violence" CD


"Daydreams within Nightmares" from the :Mangog Awakens" CD


White MANGOG copy.jpg